Dana's Journal

After God’s Own Heart

The Spiritual Journal of Dana Michelle Pettaway

Dana’s journal reveals the depth of the call the Lord had on her life. It is only in retrospect through her journal that we gain a glimpse into the inner aspect of her heartfelt quest for God, her intimacy with Him and the realm of the influence given her to impact others. In one such writing, she states:

“Lord, I come broken before you. I leave everything else aside. I see your face. I seek your glory. I desire you and you alone. Help me to maximize my brokenness so that I can see you. I present myself as a sacrifice. I love you and I need you. You are my God in whom I will trust. I give myself and my life to you.”

This journal is a must read for anyone desiring to learn what true devotion to the Lord entails!

Curtis and Janice Pettaway


Teenager’s Faith Impacts Others Even After Her Death
An innocent and honest look into truth, love and compassion

Dana Michelle Pettaway achieved incredible purpose in her 16 short years on earth. Her journal, found after her death, gives readers an incredible insight into the close relationship she had with God, and the faith she put in him even through the most adverse circumstances.

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